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What is a Self-Serve Insight Module?

These modules are formatted for you to use in self-serve analysis and reporting on key topics. Learn how to use them, and how to request further help if needed.

Our Self-Serve Insight Modules have been designed with years of experience building strategic analysis for our partners. We have harnessed the best of what our data strategists do and provided those insights in new modules for unlimited access. These are housed directly within your ZDOS™ for unlimited access to the most strategic insights at your fingertips.

What can I do in the Insight Modules? 

Within your Insight Modules, you have unlimited access to strategic questions and answers. 

You can also order a DV + Strategy POV directly from these modules to gain deeper understanding of what is happening in your destination.

A DV + Strategy POV is a snapshot in time of some aspect of your destination.

Which Modules are considered Insight Modules? 

The Insight Modules are: