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Situational Awareness (Module Overview)

See a high-level view of your visitor economy with the Visitor Economy Index and quick looks at how your hotels are performing, where your visitors are coming from, and how your visitors are spending.

This Module will help you understand how your destination is performing by analyzing high-level visitation and spending trends, as well as key hotel insights..

What Does This Module Tell Me? 

With our Visitor Economy Index, understand how your overall visitor economy is trending compared to last year. Get a report of important hotel KPI’s, monthly occupancy and ADR. Gain an understanding of visitation by seeing in-state vs. out-of-state visitation, what origin markets are spending the most, and where visitors are spending in your market as well as categories they’re spending in.

This module will display differently depending on if you subscribe to monthly, weekly or no STR.

What Does This Module Tell Me? 

  • How is my visitor economy performing compared to last year?
  • Key KPIs
  • How did your hotels perform over the last 12 months?

  • Where are visitors to my destination coming from?

  • How do your visitation origin markets compare to visitor spending origin markets?

  • Where are visitors going within my destination?

  • What are visitors spending money on within my destination?

  • What percentage of visitors to your destination stay overnight? (An overnight visitor is measured by observing a device more than 50 miles from home that appears in your destination on two or more consecutive days.)

Insights you'll find in the Situational Awareness Module include: 

  • Visitor Economy Index
  • Visitor-to-Resident Ratio
  • Avg. Visitor Spending
  • Visitor Origin
  • Top 10 Origin Markets
  • Top 5 Regions Visited & Visitor-to-Resident Ratio
  • Top 5 Spend Categories & Average Spend per Cardholder
  • Overnight Visitors
  • Visitor Device Count Sample Size
  • Visitor Cardholder Count Sample Size


Watch a walkthrough of Situational Awareness

Note: This video shows a previous version of the ZDOS Module, formerly known as Guide: Your Destination. The content and insights are still accurate for the newer Module called Situational Awareness.

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