October 19, 2023 Release Notes

🚀 New insight modules put YOU in the driver's seat of your data.

After listening to our partners and creating hundreds of analysis decks, we are so excited to release these latest innovations. With these changes, you no longer have to wait on an analysis to dig into your latest event impact, compare origin market behaviors, or share a timely snapshot of your destination.

Instantly create value for your organization and your destination partners — anywhere, anytime. Here's what's new:

Self-Serve Insight Modules

Previously available only in strategic analysis slide decks, the insights in these new self-service modules give you the ability to pull prescriptive insights directly, as often as you need them: 

  • Origin Behaviors > This module helps you understand more about visitor behaviors and develop strategies to target visitors from selected origin markets.
  • Event Insight > See how visitation and spending trends change in your market during events and the event’s impact on your destination as a whole.
  • Visitor Profile > Excellent for creating personalization strategies, this module shows you who's visiting and where they're going in your destination.
Click each link above to access video tutorials, or learn more about your Insight Modules.

Dynamic Visualization & Strategy POV

As a direct complement to these insight modules, you can now choose to activate one of your contracted analyses or dynamic visualizations (DVs) by ordering directly through your ZDOS™.

For example, you can now order an event-specific DV right from the Event Insight module. Each visualization you order will correspond directly with that module and will include a Strategy POV with insights and recommendations from a Strategist in a new, user friendly format.

Learn more about ordering a DV + Strategy POV.

Strategy on Demand

Need a little expert guidance to navigate your modules? Request a 30-minute "Strategy On-Demand" Session through your Partner Experience Manager by filling out this form. (You can also find it under the Help triangle in your operating system.) Once connected to an experienced Data Strategist, you’ll review ZDOS™ insights and learn how to best translate those insights into actions that create impact for your destination. 

Learn more about Strategy On Demand.

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Dive into these upcoming ZartiCoach sessions to try out these innovations for yourself. Register here for the following sessions…

  • Thurs. Oct. 26 @ 3 p.m. ET – DIY Post-Event Review Workshop 
  • Thurs. Nov. 9 @ 3 p.m. ET – DIY Your Visitor Profile Workshop

Special thanks to these partners who collaborated with us to test these improvements and share their feedback:

  • Hannah Gott, Destination Madison
  • Sammie Martinek, New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce
  • Fallon Tullier, Visit Baton Rouge
  • Stephen Horshaw, Travel Lane County
  • Natalie Inouye, Travel Lane County