Understanding Lodging Data Definitions

There are a lot of terms used in your lodging data. Find out the exact definitions for each here!

The lodging data in your ZDOS® depends on the data connections that you bring in. These data sets are designed to give you the best visibility into your overnight visitation as well as across the industry nationally with common terminology defined. 

STR Terminology

Smith Travel Research (STR) provides key information on hotel accommodations. Known as the STR Report. STR sets the standard for data intelligence and global benchmarking, allowing you to compete strategically, plan for the future and understand your visitors. 

STR reports are available on weekly or monthly granularity and will be brought into your ZDOS on either cadence. 

ADR - Average Daily Rate. 

Occupancy - Percentage of available rooms sold during a specified time period.

RevPAR - Total room revenue divided by the total number of available rooms. 
Room Revenue/Rooms Available = RevPAR

Learn more about STR here. 

KeyData Terminology

KeyData provides key vacation rental and hotel data.

ADR (Average Daily Rate) = The average Unit Revenue paid by guests for the Guest Nights in a given time period.

Occupancy = The percentage of Guest Nights out of the total nights in the period.

RevPAR = Referred to as Revenue Per Available “Room” with hotels. RevPAR is calculated by multiplying the Occupancy by the ADR.

Learn more about KeyData here

AirDNA Terminology

AirDNA provides key vacation rental data provided by Airbnb and VRBO.

Average Daily Rate = Average daily rate (ADR) of booked nights. ADR = Total Revenue / Booked Nights

Occupancy Rate = Total Booked Days / (Total Booked Days + Total Available Days). Calculation only includes vacation rentals with at least one Booked Night.

Market Rates = Average daily rates based on the number of active listings in your market.

RevPAR = Revenue Per Available Rental = ADR * Occupancy Rate.

Learn more about AirDNA here.