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Lodging Competitive (Module Overview)

Understand your competitive markets!


This module helps you understand your competitive markets and shows you comparisons of markets you and your competitors are going after. This module will show you both historical comparatives as well as future pacing compared to those competitive markets.

Watch a demo of the Lodging Competitive module

What kind of lodging data will I see? 

Zartico provides direct booking insights into hotel and short-term vacation rental (STVR), according to the availability of data for your destination. Destinations that have direct STVR data (provided by local property managers) will see two sets of charts for each insight within the module — one for hotel and one for STVR — and the module will be titled Lodging Competitive — STVR. Destinations without direct STVR data will see charts displaying hotel data only and the module will be titled Lodging Competitive - Hotel.


What Does This Module Tell Me?

How does your destination compare to competitive destinations across key lodging metrics?

Historical comparison of your lodging KPIs against your competitive set.

How is your destination trending compared to your competitors?

Shows how the destination compares to your competitive set over the last 12 months.

Competitive Intensity of Your Top Markets

Identify which of your top markets have the greatest competitive pressures among your comp set. Read from left to right the importance of a feeder market to your destination and the importance of the same market to your competitive set to indicate competitive intensity among feeder markets.

How Are you capturing visits with similar Average Stay Values from your top feeder markets as your competitors?

This is helpful to understand if you are competing for market share with similarly priced products and for similar customers. Large discrepancies in the stay value for a feeder market indicate differences in lodging products and the visitors attracted to that product. Use these insights to refine your targeting and gain insight into your and your competitor’s audiences.

How is your hotel occupancy pacing relative to your competitive set?

This insight shows your historical (left column) and future pacing (right) for your destination. A heatmap shows the hotel occupancy pacing for your competitive set. Use these insights to inform and optimize your sales and promotion tactics.

Are historical trends mirroring past performance in key markets?

Use these insights to compare the importance of top markets — as reflected in future bookings — against their historical importance. Refer to the heatmap to understand if those same markets are growing or contracting for your competitive destinations. Importance is measured by the market’s share of total revenue.

Complete Lodging Data Table

Use this chart to export this data to either a CSV or Excel. This chart shows data for all geographical areas in your subscription.