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Lodging Core (Module Overview)

See how your hotels and short term vacation rentals (STVR) are performing so you can easily report to stakeholders and monitor trends.


This module is designed to quickly help you see how your hotels and short-term vacation rentals (AirBnb) are performing and easily report on your KPIs.

The insights in this module come from direct hotel bookings. 

Watch a demo of the Lodging Core module

What kind of lodging data will I see? 

Zartico provides insight into direct booking hotel data and STVR. In the Lodging Core module, STVR data is sourced from online booking sites or directly from property management to give you the broadest overview of destination performance.

Key terms used in this module: 

Average Stay Value KPI is the average Unit Revenue by number of Guest Check-ins during a selected time period. Average Stay Value = Unit Revenue / Guest Checkins

Average Length of Stay (LOS) KPI measures the average length of guest stays for a given period. Average Length of Stay = Guest Nights / Guest Check-ins

Average Booking Window represents the number of days between when the reservation is made by the guest and the check-in date. 

ADR (Average Daily Rate) is the average Unit Revenue paid by guests for the Guest Nights in a given time period.

Occupancy KPI is the percentage of Guest Nights out of the total nights in the period.

What Does This Module Tell Me? 

Insights from the past month include:

Summary KPIs - 

KPI metrics display short-term vacation rental (STVR) and hotel performance for your primary geographic area. 

Use the filter at the top to filter all insights by STVR or hotel performance. Twelve-month rolling trends can be found in the sections below.

How does occupancy vary by day?  

Use this chart to understand your daily occupancy trend and how it differs between hotels and short-term vacation rentals (STVR) for your primary geographic area.

How Does Lodging Performance Vary By Day of Week?

Changes in length of stay or ADR help to illuminate different visitor groups and the reasons why they visit your destination.

Key Lodging KPIs For Reporting
Use this section to report key insights about your hotels and short-term vacation rentals (STVR). Observed hotel demand is for properties reporting into the Amadeus system and will not reflect 100% of all properties in your destination. Use this to understand year-over-year demand trends. Zartico recommends using lodging tax data as the most authoritative measure of total lodging revenue and demand.

Insights showing trends over the last 12 months include:

(These insights are summarized by month and are independent of the date filter)

What are your destination wide trends over the last 12 months? 

Use these charts to see destination-wide trends over the previous 12 months, independent of the date filter specified above. Average Stay Value is total revenue divided by the number of guest check-ins, reflecting the amount for the entire stay timeframe. These insights reflect your primary geography only.

How does your average booking window change over the last 12 months? 

Use these insights to understand the difference in booking window between hotels and short-term vacation rentals (STVR) in your primary geography. The dates used in the graphs below indicate the check-in date, while the booking window indicates the number of days in advance of check-in the room or rental was reserved.

Complete Lodging Data Table 

Export this data to either CSV or Excel. This chart shows data for all geographic areas in your subscription.

Module Diagnostics.

The date diagnostic at the bottom of this module helps you understand if data from the current month is complete and ready for reporting. This section shows the most recent date of data loaded. 

Indicates the most recent date of data loaded. Use this to validate that you have a full month of data prior to reporting. Technical support: If the Core Coverage Measures insight is blank, please check the Primary Geography Variable.