May 2024 Feature Release Notes

🛌 Full suite of lodging modules is now live in ZDOS®!

Four new ZDOS® Destination modules are live today for Zartico Lodging Data subscribers

Note: The modules seen in ZDOS® are determined by subscription level.

Why it matters: Lodging is fundamental to destination marketing and management decisions. These new insights give you unrivaled visibility so destinations can take strategic action.

The full suite of lodging modules includes:

  • Lodging Core - a look into how hotel and short-term rental lodging (if available) is performing with daily granularity back to January 2021. Metrics include average length of stay, advance booking, average daily rate, occupancy, and taxable revenue. This is transactional data and not self-reported. 
  • Lodging Premium (Hotel and Hotel + STVR) - a deep dive into historical lodging performance to better understand the booking channels destination visitors use and volume and rate information for your top markets. This is an international data set meaning you will see bookings into your area from all over the world. 
  • Lodging Pacing (Hotel and Hotel + STVR) - allows visibility into the demand, rate, booking window, and yield dynamics up to 12 months out by day. Watch rooms fill up and compare against historical performance! 
  • Lodging Competitive (Hotel and Hotel + STVR) - gives access to competitive insights and provides context into the ways destinations are performing.