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Understanding Filters

Filters allow you to adjust the data displayed in your modules.

You can filter the data displayed in your modules by several different attributes. Each Module has different options to filter your data. Below you will find the definitions of each filter. 

When you change any filter, all of the charts in that module will change to reflect the filter selection applied. 

Read Best Practices for Using Filters to learn more. 

Note: Depending on your package your may see a selection or all of the filters below. 

Date Filter

The date filter is available on every module and enables you to filter your data by:

  • All time that includes all available data
  • Static period where you specify an exact range: 1/1/2022 - 6/30/2022
  • Relative period where you specify a range that is relative to today and changes in time: from last week to tomorrow.
  • Predefined periods for days, weeks, months, quarters, and years relative to today: last quarter, this month, last year, last 2 weeks, etc.

Location/Spending Filters: 

Visitor City - Designated city in which a visitor's common daytime and evening location is assigned. 

Visitor State - Designated state in which a visitor's common daytime and evening location is assigned. 

Visitor Country - Designated country in which a visitor's common daytime and evening location is assigned. 

Visitor Market Area - The Designated Market Area in which a visitor's common daytime and evening location is assigned. 

Primary Category - Type of business category based on goods and services it provides. Learn more about MCC categories here

Trip Type - Segmentations by length of visitation. Learn more about trip type here

Region - Custom boundary layer within your destination boundary that groups POIs together. Learn more about regions here

County - Census designated geographic area 

City - Generated list of cities in which POI are mapped. Any city that includes any portion of a mapped POI will be shown in this list. 

POI Name - Place of Impact list 

Income - Demographic indication on income provided on credit card application. 

Age Group - Demographic indication on age provided on credit card application. 

Lodging Filters: 

STR Geography - Geographic area that is covered as reported by STR 

Marketing Filters: 

Ad Group Name - Name of Ad group

Ad Group Type - Type of Ad group

Campaign Name - Name of campaign

Campaign Type - Type of campaign

Source - Website or search engine where engagement originated

Medium - Ad/campaign delivery type

Site - Website URL 

Webcon Source - Website or search engine where website engagement originated

Webcon Medium - Ad/campaign delivery type

Webcon Campaign - Type of Website campaign

Primary Topic - Content topic for the page (learn more here about the Zartico content tagging process) 

TW Account - List of connected Twitter accounts

FB Account - List of connected Facebook accounts

IG Account -List of connected Instagram accounts

Event Filters: 

Event Category - Type of event designated by ticketing agency. 

Event Size - Estimated attendance determined by PredictHQ algorithm

Group Sales Filters: 

Convention Center - List of convention centers within your destination

Meeting Size - Size groupings

Account Market Segment - List of market segments 

Account Physical State - Where the group sales organizer is located

Sales Manager - Your list of group sales managers

Repeat Business - Select repeat business or not repeat business

Visualizations Filters: 

DV category - type of data visualization