June 16, 2023 Release Notes

It's a big week... We've added Google Analytics 4 data to your ZDOS while keeping all the Universal Analytics data.

Even though Google seems driven to make everyone's life more complicated by switching up the way we look at website performance, have no fear-- We've got your back. 

All joking aside, Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google's popular analytics platform. It offers a number of new features and improvements over the previous version, including:

  • A more privacy-focused approach
  • A focus on user behavior
  • A more flexible data model

With this data, you will be able to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your website visitors
  • Make more informed decisions about your marketing and content strategy

What does your GA4 data look like inside of ZDOS? We know you have experienced heavy changes in the look and feel of GA4 within the Google Analytics platform, so we're keeping it pretty simple for you. Your website modules will stay roughly the same, with small adjustments based on necessary changes. Check out this article for more information.


Please note: Our data connection currently only allows for GA4 data from August 2022 forward for the moment.



Still wanting to access that Universal Analytics data?

No worries there-- We've got it all in your ZDOS, in a separate module titled Universal Analytics that will be the last module on your left-hand side. It's got all the charts you used 


Other updates:

  • 👨‍💼BLS Q4 2022 loaded to all partners on 6.9.23

  • 🐞 CRM bug fixed on 6.15.23

    • The first insight on the Trends: Group Sales module, “How much future demand is already definite vs. lead?”, had all 4 metrics updated due to a bug with Repeat Business values.

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