Understanding Your GA4 Data in ZDOS

Your website data gives you an additional way to see how people are engaging with your destination. See how Google Analytics 4 enhances this view.

What is GA4? 

GA4 is a service that enables you to measure website engagement. Bringing GA4 data into you ZDOS™ gives you the power to see visitor impact on your destination through measuring and combining website traffic to visitation observation. 

GA4 uses machine learning algorithms to give you the most accurate data. It also provides AI-assisted insights into website traffic and trend analysis about website visitors.


Your GA4 website data is in several modules... 

GA4 - Website Content Module

Increase your ability to optimize future campaigns by seeing the traffic generation activities and content types that are sticky with your website visitors. This module applies Zartico’s proprietary Machine Learning model to deliver advanced insights.

Questions this module answers: 

  • How does your website performance compare to the same time last year?
  • How does your website traffic compare to the same time last year?
  • How have these traffic drivers changed compared to the same time period last year?
  • What are the most engaging pages on your website?
  • What are your highest-performing pages by acquisition channel?
  • What website content is seeing the most traffic?
  • What season does each content topic see the most traffic?
  • How does your organic traffic compare to the average percentage of organic sessions across all Zartico partners?
  • Which states are your website visits coming from? How has that changed YOY?
  • What pages are good contenders for on-page optimization to increase organic traffic?
  • How does your paid & organic search engagement rate compare to the average across all Zartico partners?


What we bring in from GA4...

  • Session Campaign  

  • Session Source/Medium 

  • Session Google Ads ad group ID

  • Event Name

  • City

  • Region

  • Hostname 

  • Page path 


  • Engaged Sessions 

  • Sessions 

  • Average Session Duration 

  • New Users 

  • User Engagement 

  • Views

  • Event Count

  • Event Value

  • Session Starts