The Zartico Way

Zartico is empowering you to be the data expert of your destination and the communities you serve. Find out more here...

Our goal is to educate your entire team to be data-knowledgeable so that together you can share the value of tourism to your community. We have simplified how to find the answers to your questions while expanding the pathways of ongoing customer service and support.

We have established The Zartico Way, a model that defines what we provide each and every Zartico partner. We listened, and we understood. Your needs are diverse and require quicker solutions from our team. We now provide the following paths to understanding and our shared success.


Community - CARES


Knowledge is power and community is strength.

How we utilize data to move the needle becomes more powerful when we collaborate. Our community gathers both online and in person. This community is composed of your peers and includes opportunities to connect on many topics.

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Advisement- CARES


The best advice comes from those who have been there before.

Our Strategic Advisory team of subject matter experts will meet with you upfront and ongoing to outline what success looks like for you. Strategic advisors are here to be a resource to leverage data to support the communities you serve.

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Redirection - CARES


Step-by-step guidance ensures you will reach the best solution.

If you ever feel a bit lost  — unable to find who or what you’re looking for — we are here to get you on the right path. Data is complex. We want to make it simple to navigate by learning what you need and immediately pointing you to the right solution.  

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Education - CARES


Learning empowers you with confidence.

At Zartico we understand it’s important to provide you with the tools you need to leverage data meaningfully, gaining insights that inform actions to impact outcomes. That is where our dynamic education tracks come in — and you get to be in the driver's seat! 

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Support - CARES


Sometimes unplugging it and plugging it back in again doesn’t work.

Zartico’s tech support team are ninjas, but they’re helpful ones. When you have questions about the technical stuff, we’re here for you. For 2023 we are launching an expanded support team dedicated to help you with ZDOS support — from POI needs, to mapping, data connections and more.

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