April 2024 Feature Releases

New insights and a new lodging module are here to inform your strategic planning efforts and marketing strategies.

🏩 Lodging Premium illuminates top market trends (for subscribers only)

Which markets hold the greatest opportunity for your destination? How do you optimize for year-round success, filling shoulder seasons and generating quality visits?

Our latest lodging module uses historical hotel data to help you focus your attention and allocate your resources to the markets generating your highest-value visits.

  • Check out the module overview for more details, including helpful definitions and tips.
  • Also new: The data powering your Lodging Core and Premium modules has been updated! The Zartico Lodging dataset now includes data from Choice Hotels properties.

🛌 % Overnight Visitors (ZDOS® Destination)

Brand new insights in your updated Situational Awareness module display the percentage of visitors to your destination who stay overnight.  

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 2.15.46 PM

Why it matters: Visitors who stay overnight are more likely to spend dollars locally and put less strain on destination capacity in the form of traffic and congestion.

  • Use these insights — calculated monthly or by 12-month rolling average — to inform strategies to drive new overnight visits or entice daytrippers to stay over.

Dive deeper: An overnight visitor is measured by observing a device more than 50 miles from home that appears in your destination on two or more consecutive days.

  • The inverse of this percentage represents the proportion of daytrippers.
  • A decrease in the overnight visitor percentage doesn’t always mean fewer overnight visitors — it may signal a boost in daytrippers, especially if other KPIs (such as lodging demand) remain stable. As you observe changes in this metric, use other ZDOS® insights to investigate possible causes or contributing factors.

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🛠️ Overnight insights are built on new innovations

These new techniques that let us work with more robust data and deliver insights faster and with greater precision. Watch this 80-second video video from Dr. Lexi Pasi.

  • Your new % Overnight Visitors insights work a bit differently. They show only destination-wide trends that cannot be filtered by region or city.
  • This ensures robust sample sizes and supports ZDOS® best practices of “zooming out” to understand the trends you need to inform your strategic planning.