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When is the best time to schedule reports to deliver?

Find out when is the best time to schedule you intelligence briefings.

Timing is important when receiving intelligence briefings. Data is sent and ingested into the ZDOS™ on a regular cadence. Scheduling your intelligence briefings too early in the month will not show you the most recent data you're looking for and scheduling too late in the month will not deliver the data as soon as it's available. 

Below is a recommended schedule to help deliver automated Intelligence Briefings directly to your email.

These take into account data reception/ingestion/normalization times. 

When should I schedule my intelligence briefs? 

  • On the 5th of the Month: Schedule your “Origin Behavior” modules that are led by Google Analytics or Social Media data sets. 

  • On the 20th of the Month: Schedule your Situational Awareness Module.

  • On the 25th of the Month: Schedule your Custom Executive Brief/Director’s Brief using “Last Month” as the date range filter.


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