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What is an Intelligence Briefing?

Zartico creates Intelligence Briefings, not Board Reports.

An Intelligence Briefing is a document including analysis and information about your destination’s operations by fusing intelligence from the various data sources a destination relies on in order to gain situational awareness and make data-based decisions.


You, the DMO leader, are probably accustomed to producing board reports for your regular board meetings. As your partner, Zartico desires to offer a forward-thinking solution to an outdated and stale rhythm of merely reporting on data. Instead, we created intelligence briefings that provide an ongoing analysis, which enables nimble decision-making based on data intelligence.


Click here to learn how to set up your scheduled email report to get your data delivered to your inbox!


This feature in the Zartico OS automates insights straight to your inbox. By integrating organizational rhythms with insights from Intelligence Briefs teams can stay in closer alignment with one another. 


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