What Is Included In Your Spending Data for Airports

We have credit and debit card transaction data that can help you understand more about your fliers and their spending habits around your airport.

What is flier spending data and where does it come from?

Zartico is able to provide high-frequency and high-resolution data to give you the clearest view of flier spending behaviors around your airport. Our spending data contains both credit and debit and a mix of various types of cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and some American Express and Discover. The transactions that are provided include the detailed granularity of the zip codes for both the merchant and the cardholder making the purchase. This sampling of transactions provides glimpses into how your passengers are spending and will give you a deeper understanding of travel motivations and behaviors that will help you make informed decisions for your airport. You will also gain information on the breakdown of tourism-related spending categories, and how passengers are spending their money around your airport.

What Does Spending Data Show You? 

To better understand this data, you can remember that the merchant zip code is the zip code of the merchant where the transaction took place, such as a store. The cardholder zip is the zip code where the cardholder receives their credit card statement, likely their residence. In spending data, we are observing transactions within a 50-mile radius of your airport and inbound fliers are defined as cardholders who live more than 150 miles away. The merchant category codes (or MCC codes) from these transactions are categorized into 18 common categories of transactions. 


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Demographic information you can see in your ZDOS for Airports:

Income brackets spending: This insight shows you percent of total spend and average spend broken down by income bracket. 

Age groups spending: This insight shows you percent of total spend and average spend broken down by age group.

Fliers with children spending vs. those without children: This insight shows you percent of total spend and average spend broken down by whether the cardholder is likely to have children.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Spending Data

Q: Does the spending data include all types?

A: The spending data we receive includes domestic cardholders and transactions for both credit and debit cards and includes all card types. However, only a portion of American Express transactions are observed because American Express is a direct issuer of credit cards. We are only able to capture the American Express credit card data for those cards issued through financial institutions. 


Q: How is an inbound flier determined regarding spending data?

A: To make sure that the data we're providing is from inbound passengers, we filter out outbound passenger spending, which is defined as those cardholders whose mailing zip code is within 150 miles of the zip code of the merchant they are purchasing from. 


Q: Does this data reflect domestic and international spending data?

A: Currently, the visitor spending data we have is for US cardholders and US credit/debit card spending only. We recommend VisaVue for international spending at this time.


Q: What does spending data show me about my visitor demographics?

A: Through the Zartico spending data you have access to demographic data on your visitors, such as age ranges and income levels. This information comes from the financial providers that pass along anonymized data to our spending data source.  


Q: If one person uses multiple credit cards, will they be linked to that one individual?

A: Short answer is no, due to privacy laws, we cannot know the personally identifiable information that would be needed to link multiple credit cards to one person. 

Spend data consists of anonymized swipes. Other than where the swipe was made and where the home zip code of the cardholder is, we can’t dive further into this info for technical and regulatory reasons.



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