How do I configure my CRM Reports?

The ZDOS™ can ingest data from your CRM on a monthly cadence, but we'll need your help to make sure it's set up correctly.

If you'd like your ZDOS to include data from your CRM, then we need a report to be built within your CRM emailed to at the end of each month. Some CRMs can schedule reports to be automatically delivered which requires no manual work outside of the initial setup.

Why import CRM data? 

Importing CRM data allows you to track and compare definite bookings, leads and drops in your group sales performance. In your ZDOS, you will be able to layer this data with other geolocation, event, spend, and job data to see better insights how how those group sales impact your destination, leading to strategic outcomes. 

To see how CRM show up in your ZDOS™, learn more about the Trends: Group Sales module here. 

How often does Zartico collect CRM data? 

Monthly. It’s entirely up to you to determine when it’s appropriate to send your reports to Zartico. Some partners choose to send it on the 1st of every month while some prefer to wait until the 5th - 8th of the following month to “close their books” before sending in their report. 

How do I forward my CRM Reports? 

You will email your reports to at the beginning of each month.

OR setup auto scheduling in their CRM system so the report automatically comes to each month.

Custom Fields: We offer up to 8 custom fields on the LEAD level. Both templates have placeholders for these to the far right column. Custom fields should be discussed during your Data Review process. 


What CRM vendors does Zartico integrate with?

  1. SimpleView

  2. iDSS/Tempest


Get your detailed instructions below, based on which CRM you use...