How do we configure our CRM Reports?

The Zartico OS can ingest data from your CRM on a monthly cadence, but we'll need your help to make sure it's set up correctly.

If you'd like your OS to include data from your CRM, then we need a report to be built within your CRM emailed to at the end of each month. Some CRMs can schedule reports to be automatically delivered which requires no manual work outside of the initial setup.

It’s entirely up to you to determine when it’s appropriate to send. Some of our partners will wait until the 5th - 8th of the following month to “close their books” before sending in their reports.

Custom Fields: We offer up to 8 custom fields on the LEAD level. Both templates have placeholders for these to the far right column. Custom fields should be discussed during your Data Review process. 


SimpleView Partners:

Please build a report with the following filters: 

  • Definite Date = after 01/01/2015, OR
  • Lead Date = after 1/1/2015

Please ensure the Select Operator is set to OR.

Then, please display all of the columns you see in the attached spreadsheet.

If you don’t have Lead Date in your system it’s probably called Tentative Date:


iDSS/Tempest Partners:

No custom fields: Please reach out to your iDSS report to request the Zartico standard report, they’ll know exactly what that means.

Has custom fields:  Please reach out to your iDSS report to request the Zartico custom report, they’ll know exactly what that means. Since you have 'n' custom fields you’d like to provide us with, you'll want to let iDSS know exactly what those are and instruct them to add these fields to the very end columns of your report. Again, they’ll know what you mean.

Once your report is created, we recommend setting up an auto-forward rule so your reports are forwarded to as they are received. This will ensure timely processing of your data. 

If you have any trouble, please contact your Implementation Specialist to assist in troubleshooting. Talk to a real human.