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Trends: Group Sales (module overview)

Learn more about how your sales team can use ZDOS to see Group Sales impact on your destination.

This module allows you to see the success and progress of your group sales, so you can more efficiently work towards full convention capacity. Use these insights to see what future demand your sales team already has on the books, where your gaps are, and what lead room nights you have left to close.

To learn more about how to set up your CRM reports to be displayed in your Trends: Group Sales modules, click here. 

Questions this module is designed to answer: 

  • How does your group sales performance compare year over year?

  • How much future demand is already definite vs. lead?

  • Which months already have room night demand on the books?

  • Which months present lead opportunities to close any gaps?

  • What are my top feeder markets for leads and definites?

  • Which market segments have high definite room night conversion?

Insights you'll find in the the Group Sales Module include: 

  • KPIs
  • Definite vs Lead
  • Definite Room Nights by Year & Month of Arrival
  • Lead Room Nights by Year & Month of Arrival
  • Definite Room Nights by Account State
  • Lead Room Nights by Account State
  • Definite Room Nights by Year & Market Segment

 Watch this overview walkthrough of the Group Sales Module. 
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