What type of tax data should I look to include?

Zartico's Operating System leverages your tax data as an additional key component in the data model to measure and monitor the overall health of your destination's visitor economy.

Strategic alignment for any organization is mission-critical to its success. By including tax data in the data model of your operating system, you empower your team to stay in alignment as they chase the insights discovering how their individual efforts contribute to the greater whole of your destination's visitor economy. The tax data you might wish to include:

  • Accommodations
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Attractions (or Admissions)
  • Events
  • Food
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Sports
  • Transportation


  • Ideally, look to include historic tax data starting from January 2019.
  • All tax data should be in a raw format via Excel or CSV.

Disclaimer: We know in any conversation about data, the security of that data is bound to come up. We only receive aggregate tax collections at the county levels. And, we are bound by a confidentiality agreement with you. We don’t share data with anyone else for any reason unless given specific permission. On your end, please know anything pulled into your operating system can be seen by anyone who has been given access (i.e. ad agency staff, other contracted workers, etc.). Please let us know if you have any concerns with your users. In addition, we limit who on our team has access to your platform to protect the confidentiality of your data.


Ensuring the security and confidentiality of our customer’s data is Zartico’s top priority. Working in partnership with our technology partners, Zartico ensures the highest level of security by employing industry best practices and state-of-the-art technology. To learn more about Zartico’s commitment to Data Security and Privacy, visit our Security Statement and our Privacy Policy.


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