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What kind of data do I receive for my POIs?

Your ZDOS™ provides hundreds of insights of data related to your POIs. Learn more about what you will find!


What kind of data will I receive related to my POIs? 

Because of our Place-Based Strategy, in the ZDOS™ you will be able to see geolocation data related to visitors (and residents) at your listed primary POIs. This includes the origin market for your visitors, top visited POIs within your destination, and much more. 



Points of interest are the places people plan their trip, or a day of their trip, around visiting. These are the places featured in your ads, on your homepage and in your itineraries. These are the places the you will want to have the greatest visibility in tracking because they are the marquee attractions to your destination and will be part of your demand generation strategy and key areas to watch from a visitor distribution perspective.

The purposes of POIs are to...

  • Characterize and understand what places and/or activities are motivating travelers to visit the destination (demand generation).

  • Monitor the most popular areas within a destination for surges in visitation or overall increases in visitation that would lead to friction with residents. Additionally, these can be secondary attractions in the destination if the partner is looking to deliberately increase visitation to these areas. (visitor distribution)

  • Anticipate stakeholder requests on the characteristics of travelers to a given place.

  • Monitor visitation to places of high impact to your destination.


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