Information On Zartico Event Data from PredictHQ (PHQ)

PredictHQ supplies Zartico with worldwide event data.

What is PredictHQ?

PredictHQ sources their data from 350+ sources, including expensive subscriptions such as match fixture apis. Diversity matters when sourcing data. For example, a well-known sports provider might be only one of 61 sources PredictHQ gets sports data from to gather all the information they can find about events and their predicted attendance. They then verify and clean that data in order to make it useful to us. 

What should you know about the events listed? 

This is an incredible feat of data science on the part of PredictHQ to find what they do, but it’s important for Zartico partners to note that when dealing with millions of events - no single source can have a 100% accuracy of attendance predictions. 

PredictHQ event lists are a great way to analyze the peaks and valleys of your event seasons, get visibility on events you might not know about, and see when several events are scheduled to happen at the same time which could cause compression issues.  PredictHQ also calculates interesting metrics regarding potential community impact and air travel impact.


What does "PhQ Attendance" mean?

‘PHQ Attendance’ in the ZDOS® is the predictive calculation made by PredictHQ.

Predicted or estimated attendance is not provided by most event data sources and websites, making it very hard to find.  PredictHQ calculates their attendance predictions based on factors like venue capacity, the popularity of the performer/team, the season/part of the year, and historical event information.

It's important for Zartico partners to note that these event insights are trending and predictive versus actual.  It’s also important to note that the ‘PHQ Attendance’ metric in the ZDOS® is their pre-event prediction, and is not updated to actual numbers once the event has happened, though any new information received will be used by PredictHQ to improve their event information and models.

How are School Holidays Reported 

K-12 School holidays show up with daily granularity meaning breaks will show up every day for the duration of the break. PredictHQ recently changed School Holidays over to a district-level granularity using the estimated student body population of each of the districts. They track 11,000 school districts across the US, which equals between 55,000-58,000 school holidays per year in the US, in comparison to the 300 at the previous state level. This matters because this level of granularity means you can have significantly more visibility into your demand drivers. 

What if I want to add/remove/edit events? 

You can provide feedback directly to PredictHQ via the links below. There are three options for updating your events; single event additions, bulk event additions or single event feedback. You should see the update in your ZDOS® within one week for single events or longer for bulk event uploads, depending on the number of events. If not, you will be reached out to directly for follow-up information.

Single Event update -  Complete this form and click submit. 

Bulk event additions - Fill out this spreadsheet with event details and submit the spreadsheet via this form.

Event Feedback - Complete this form and click submit. 


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