What is Demand Generation?

Encouraging people to come to your destination.

Demand Generation Logo Color-1The 'Five Foundations' are an open-source framework of standards for Destination Organizations to adopt and integrate.
They are built to empower destination leaders stewarding their visitor economies in alignment with resident quality of life and community objectives.

Learn more about the Five Foundations of a Contemporary Destination Organization here. 

Demand Generation 

Demand Generation Pin-1Increasing awareness and generating demand has been the primary focus for most DMOs. A newer opportunity lies in using high-frequency, high-resolution data sets taking advantage of machine learning and data science for more control over the visitor economy. Think of shaping demand around attracting the right volume and type of visitors as opposed to simply driving more volume during peak months. Generating demand will lead their visitor economy to greater equity, economic opportunity or to alleviate the pressures of destinations over capacity. Making these changes enables the next four foundational elements. 

Questions we help you answer in the ZDOS®

  • How can we provide guidance for major event logistics?
  • Do events drive in-state or out-of-state visitation?
  • What is the effect of events on sales tax revenue?
  • How much should incentives be?
  • What’s the impact of multiple events happening at once?
  • How does an event impact the community including local businesses?
  • What types of travelers are visiting?


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