What is an Integrated Data Model?

The Zartico Integrated Data Model drives the insights and intelligence within the application and is additionally used to create our Dynamic Visualizations throughout the Operating System.

Because Travel is essentially a place-based activity, Zartico's Operating System leverages physical places as a core component to creating a place-based measurement strategy for your destination. This strategy, coupled with the geolocation data, other public data sets, and the data each destination partner provides are collected, cleaned, organized, and housed in a data warehouse creating what’s known as an Integrated Data Model. Zartico is the only Destination Operating System fueled by a team of Data Scientists constantly innovating this integrated data model.


aspen_forest courtesy of https://zelenoye.tumblr.com/

Think of this Integrated Data Model like the illustration of an Aspen Forest above. Whether you're familiar with an Aspen Forest or not, it's an incredible spectacle to behold and technically (biologically) considered a singular organism. This is how the Integrated Data Model operates behind the scenes and under the surface for you allowing each and every individual data set to connect and communicate with one another.

Data streams, on their own terms, are like picking up individual plants from a nursery and planting them in a shared space.  It's a purely transactional method while leveraging an Integrated Data Model to derive insights and intelligence becomes transformational for a destination of all sizes. It's what allows for destinations to understand what the data streams are attempting to communicate via their insights.


Zartico's Integrated Data Model combines data sets from three categories. Data that only Zartico has (Geolocation, Event, and Spend), data that you provide (social media, website, and lodging), and publicly available data (jobs and taxes). You can see in the graphic below how these data sets are layered to provide one clear dashboard of data. 

IGM - Full Photo-2


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