What is a Data Model?

The Data Model drives the insights and intelligence within the Operating System and is additionally used to create our Dynamic Visualizations.

Because Travel is essentially a place-based activity, Zartico's Operating System leverages physical places as a core component to creating a place-based measurement strategy within the data model for your destination. This strategy, coupled with the geolocation data, other public data sets, and the data each destination partner provides are collected, cleaned, organized, and housed in a data warehouse creating what’s known as a Data Model


aspen_forest courtesy of https://zelenoye.tumblr.com/

Think of this Data Model like the illustration of an Aspen Forest above. The Aspen Forest is an incredible spectacle to behold and technically considered a singular organism. This is how the Data Model operates behind the scenes for you allowing each and every individual data set to connect and communicate with one another.

Data on its own terms, like picking up plants from a nursery, is a purely transactional method while leveraging a Data Model to derive insights and intelligence becomes transformational for a destination of all sizes. 


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