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Update to Visitor to Resident Ratio in ZDOS® 3.0

We have updated how we calculate visitor to resident ratio to give you more accurate and reliable number over periods of time.

We’ve made an update to the way visitor-to-resident ratio is calculated in ZDOS to now calculate the average daily visitor-to-resident ratio.

Why did the calculation change? 

Previously when looking at intervals other than daily (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly), the visitor-to-resident ratio would return the number of unique visitor devices over a given time period divided by the number of resident devices over the same time period. Because residents are a relatively static population and the visitors are dynamic, with new visitors entering the destination every day, the old methodology would show large visitor-to-resident ratios when observing a larger period of time (e.g quarter).

What has changed? 

The new methodology locks the calculation at a daily granularity, which more accurately matches the experience of being in a destination on a given day. This makes the metric more accurate and stable across all time groupings (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual).


To learn more about the visitor to resident ratio, read our article on What is a Visitor to Resident Ratio?


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