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Understanding Event Categories

Learn about how Predict HQ sends us all the traditional and major event categories.

Zartico is able to provide incredible insights into events in your destination. Unlike most other data sets, event data can also give your forward looking insights to plan your campaigns, traffic movement or other planning for events coming up in your destination. 

Where do we get event data? 

The event data comes from Predict HQ. PhQ does an extensive “crawl” of internet sites from around the world, gathering all the information they can find about events and their possible/predicted attendance. 

You can learn more about Predict HQ here

What categories of events do we see? 

Predict HQ sends us all the traditional and major event categories. Below are the categories of events you may see. 

Attended Events - Attended Events are gatherings with a start and end date and time, where people come together in one location for entertainment or business, such as the 2020 Super Bowl game or San Diego Comic-Con. PredictHQ uses machine-learning models to predict attendance and ranks for each of these events.

Live TV Events - Live sports broadcasts generate huge demand surges for food, retail and delivery services.

Non-attended Events - These are events with a start and end date, but are more fluid and distributed in impact, such as observances or school holidays.

Unscheduled Events - Live coverage of breaking events such as severe weather and terrorism. The API updates minute to minute to ensure accuracy.

General Events - Supplementary information that is used in all categories, such as information on Date & Time Values, Location (Scope), Entities and Recurring Events.


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