Marketing: Website Performance (Module Overview)

Want to see how your website traffic is generated and how well it performs?

This module allows you to see which traffic generation activities and content types are working well, so you can optimize future campaigns.

Learn how people are getting to your website, how long they’re staying , whether they’re finding your site organically or through a paid method, and how “sticky” your site is. This module uses our proprietary AI system to categorize every page on your site, so Zartico can give you insights into how your webpage categories are performing. And finally, you’ll find core KPI’s, your pages with the best engagement, and pages that are good candidates for optimization.

(This module is found in basic packages only)

Questions this module is designed to answer: 

  • How do visitors get to your website?
  • How much search traffic does your website receive?
  • How "sticky" is your website?
  • What content topics are users looking for?
  • What season does each content topic see the most traffic?
  • What are the most engaging pages on your website?
  • What pages are good contenders for on-page optimization to increase organic traffic to the site?

Insights you'll find in the the Demand Generation Module include:

  • Web Traffic and Engagement
  • Percentage of Paid And Organic Search Traffic To Website
  • Paid & Organic Search vs Benchmark
  • Paid & Organic Retention Rate vs Benchmark
  • Paid & Organic Retention Rate vs Benchmark
  • Paid & Organic Search Sessions By Content Topic
  • Web Sessions by Content Topic
  • Content Seasonality
  • Website Engagement By Page
  • KPIs
  • High Traffic Pages with Low Organic Sessions

Watch this overview walkthrough of the Website Performance Module.

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