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Trends: Future Events (Module Overview)

What impact might future events have on my destination? Learn how this module answers this question!

This module will allow you to see forecasted attendance and sizes of upcoming events in your destination, to help you and your stakeholders plan for the influx of visitors. Insights are broken down by event type, event size, and by your designated regions. These forecasted events are found by PredictHQ for the Zartico Event licensed data set, and what feedback is feasible on events and forecasted attendance.

Questions this module is designed to answer:

  • What is my year-to-date volume of events and estimated attendance compared to last year? 
  • Which months have seen the greatest change in events and estimated attendance? 
  • How many events typically take place each month and how is this year shaping? 
  • How many attendees do our events typically draw each month and how is this year shaping? 
  • What types of events am I anticipating in the next 4 months?
  • How does volume of upcoming event type compare to last year? 
  • How do my upcoming events vary by Region?
  • Which upcoming weeks are anticipating attendee demand? 
  • Which venues are expecting the most event demand? 
  • What upcoming events are expected to have the biggest impact on air travel? 

Watch a walkthrough of the Trends: Future Events Module

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