Integrate Zartico’s Website Contribution

Below is a quick overview of how to integrate Zartico’s Website Contribution for your destination. We are so excited to show you what we're working on!

The tag you place on your website will pass information through our geolocation partner, Near (previously UberMedia), regarding the pages (page path and page URL) a potential visitor explores and where they come from (referrer). This allows Zartico’s Operating System to illuminate insights and intelligence around several key questions like:

  • Did web visitors travel to the destinations researched? 
  • How long does it take between site visit & visitation?
  • What are the top converting pages?
  • Which DMAs are converting the most?
  • What are the visitation patterns by trip type, places visited, and origin?
  • What are the different visitation patterns between visitors versus residents?
  • What are the visitation patterns by trip type, places visited, and origin?
  • Whether travelers visit the same locations in the destination that they research on the partner’s website.
  • How website-influenced visitors travel differently in a destination than those who used other sources of information for research and planning. This highlights the DMO’s role in shaping visitation patterns.

As a best practice, review your website’s privacy policy to ensure it contains the appropriate language providing users with the information around what data is being captured, how they are being tracked, how to opt-out along with whom to contact for data inquiries.


Instructions to place the Near (previously UberMedia) pixel:

Place the UberMedia pixel on all pages under your tag management system (i.e. Google Tag Manager) to capture nuances when visitors are on your site. 

If you don’t use a tag management system, instruct your web team to place the pixel in the header of your website (across all pages). The Zartico team will confirm if the pixel is firing after it is placed on your site. 

Example tag:{{Referrer}}&ut2={{Page Path}}&ut3={{Page URL}}


What information does the Near (UberMedia) pixel collect?

Now, let's quickly address the elephant in the room. We understand that user privacy is extremely important to you. To bring you peace of mind, it's equally important to UberMedia and us at Zartico. We desire to collect IP addresses and general location data that is extrapolated from an IP address level, page path, referrer, and page URL. Here is Near's privacy policy, outlining what is and is not captured.


If you have any trouble, please contact your Implementation Specialist to assist in troubleshooting. Talk to a real human.