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The Basics 

  1. Login to your ZDOS
    Quickly login to your Zartico Destination Operating System and start finding insights.

  2. Get in Touch with Zartico Support
    Zartico’s tech support team are ninjas, but they’re helpful ones. When you have questions about the technical stuff, we’re here for you.
  3. Add a New User to Your ZDOS®
    Need to add a new member of your team to ZDOS®? Just fill out this form and we'll take care of activating their account! 

  4. Submit Events 
    Want to add additional events to be added to your ZDOS®? Just fill out this form and we'll work to get these processed. 

Education Opportunities 

  1. Join Our New User Community on LinkedIn 
    This space is designed exclusively for Zartico partners to engage around the ZDOS®, provide feedback, and connect as fellow destination leaders.

  2. Watch Our Webinars 
    If you've ever wanted to learn more about the Zartico Operating System, you can watch any of our recorded webinars on-demand. 

Product Updates

  1. Submit Product Feedback 
    We are constantly learning from you and welcome your feedback, questions and new feature requests!

  2. Subscribe to Product Announcements 
    Get the latest updates and announcements from Zartico. 


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