Destination Pulse (Z-Light Module Overview)

Your monthly view into your destination’s visitor economy.


Destination Pulse is your monthly view into your destination’s visitor economy. The insights in this module have been hand-picked to give you a balanced, comprehensive picture of how visitors impact your destination. Use this knowledge to report on how the work you do impacts your community, and track progress toward long-term goals. 

What kind of data will I see? 

Zartico utilized our proprietary integrated data model to give you the most comprehensive insight into what is happening in your destination. This model includes geolocation, spending and location data. All three of the data sets are the largest available data sets of their kind. 

Zartico provides direct booking insights into hotel and short term vacation rental (STVR), according to the availability of data for your destination. Destinations with direct STVR data (provided by local property managers) will see two sets of charts for each insight within the module — one for hotel and one for STVR. Destinations without direct STVR data will see charts displaying hotel data only.

Questions this module will answer:

  • How does occupancy vary by month?
  • How does average daily rate vary by month?
  • How does the cost of a lodging stay vary by month?
  • How much did discretionary spending vary by month?
  • What percentage of visits are overnight visits in your destination?
  • How are website sessions trending over time?