Can I change the category of my POIs from Zartico's pre-defined options?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate changes from our pre-defined list, but here's why.

We receive this question from our partners quite frequently. We understand there may be a desire to change your categories from our pre-established list of primary and secondary categories. For example, rather than a brewery being placed in a primary category as nightlife and a secondary category of brewery/distillery/winery, you might want to see that point of interest placed in a primary category of brewery.


Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate these changes from our pre-defined list because of the integrated data model we've created for you and how it connects other data visualizations together in the destination operating system. For instance, the Website Content module leverages the data model aligning geolocation data to your marketing/content data in a consistent way to illuminate greater insights. This ensures you are maximizing the full breadth of what the Zartico Operating System has to offer in destination intelligence.


We are, however, continuing to improve and update the data model as our team of data scientists along with our commitment to innovation unlocks additional efficiencies in understanding how visitors are engaging with a destination.


Note: For Contextual POI Categories listed, they are from Open Street Map and are not defined by Zartico.


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