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Best Practices When Looking at Historical Data

ZDOS® gives you the most impactful insights for destinations with historical data going back to 2021.

Within your operating system, ZDOS® gives you historical insights from 2021 to the current year when it comes to geolocation, spend, and event data sets.

Seeing historical data is very simple and quick on your ZDOS using the date filter. 

The date filter is available on every module and enables you to filter your data by:

  • All time that includes all available data
  • Static period where you specify an exact range: 1/1/2022 - 6/30/2022
  • Relative period where you specify a range that is relative to today and changes in time. The ranges are set in days, weeks, months, quarters, and years. Example:  "from 12 weeks ago to this week"  or future looking (for events) "from this month to  12 months ahead".
  • Predefined periods for days, weeks, months, quarters, and years relative to today: last quarter, this month, last year, last 2 weeks, etc.

Here are some great ways to look at historical data: 

  1. Be sure to select the historical years you want to view using the date filter.
  2. Look at your baseline insights for Year-over-year changes. 

Where can you find these? Here are three great insights for Year-over-year trends: 

  • The Visitor Economy Index in Situational Awareness Module: How is my visitor economy performing compared to last year?
  • Your top origin markets in Movement Module: Where are your visitors coming from?

  • Visitor Spending by category in Spending Module: How does your destination's average visitor spending compare to last year?  

What if I want to see historical data before 2021?

We know time is of the essence when it comes to insights from the ZDOS®️. That's why we limit historical data in our platform to deliver the most valuable insights at optimum speed.  For this reason, we are archiving the geolocation and spending 2019-2020 data Although 2019-2020 data does not appear in the ZDOS®️, it will remain in our archives for use in strategic analysis and dynamic visualizations as needed. 

If you determine that you would like to see 2019-2020 data in a POV, you can learn about the options for POVs and request one here.