Why did we choose a 30-mile radius to define residents?

Now you might be familiar with a 50-mile radius definition, as established by the U.S. Travel Association (USTA). So why does Zartico define a 30-mile radius? Glad you asked!

We at Zartico are confident that we are able to provide greater specificity and clarity, knowing a person's home and work locations. Because of our keen data intelligence and additional levels of context, we intentionally departed from the 50-mile radius for the following reasons:
  1. The USTA doesn't have access to home and work locations.
  2. Due to the unforeseen factors of Covid, many residents decided to take staycations and choose to stay close to home instead of traveling long distances.
  3. We listened to you, our partner (current and prospective), and learned that the 50-mile boundary was an actual pain point. For instance, when looking at Ft. Worth, day-trippers coming from Dallas are their number one market, yet it made them appear relatively invisible with such a broad threshold.