What types of data connections does Zartico utilize?

Zartico and Intelligent Data are synonymous. But intelligence is much more than what we know; it's also how we think.

Zartico's data connections fall into three primary categories. By collecting data from these various sources, it will give you a more holistic approach to make better decisions in real time. The categories are as follows:
  1. DMO Data Sets: data brought by you, the DMO:
    1. DMO subscription data (Adara, CRM, STR, etc.)
    2. DMO digital (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.)
    3. DMO custom (member lists, local research)
  2. National and International Public Data Sources: data automatically included in the platform on behalf of your DMO (jobs, employment, weather).
  3. Data Brought by Zartico: data licensed and included in the platform (Geolocation data, Credit Card data, Event Demand data)


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