What is the difference between Distribution and Market Share?

Distribution and Market Share can give you valuable insight into the behaviors of your local market. Learn more here.

A helpful way to use Zartico data is to see how 100% of passengers are broken up or dispersed across a particular defining feature (area or category). 


Distribution shows how passengers traveling through an airport are broken down by the counties and cities they come from. 40% of your passengers come from "X" county, and 30% come from "Y" county. It’s how your pie is broken up.

Market Share

Since we’re monitoring more than one airport in the ZDOS, we can also break down the passengers in a county by which airport they choose to fly through.

Market Share insights show how passengers from a county are broken down by which airport they choose to fly through. 85% of "X" county passengers chose your airport, 10% chose competitor #1, and 5% chose competitor #2. It’s how the county pie is broken up.

Comparing Distribution to Market Share

Distribution shows you the breakdown of passengers in your airport and where they live in your area. Market Share shows passengers in your market area and which airport they choose between you and the competitor airports. 

85% of "X" county chose your airport (Market Share of "X" county), and 40% of your airport’s passengers are from "X" county (Distribution of your airport).