What can I see in Overnight Visitation in my Canada ZDOS®?

Movement & Planning module in the Canada ZDOS® displays the percentage of visitors to your destination who stay overnight.

You can see insights in your Movement & Planning module displaying the percentage of visitors to your destination who stay overnight.  

Why it matters

Visitors who stay overnight are more likely to spend dollars locally and put less strain on destination capacity in the form of traffic and congestion.

  • Use this quarterly insight to inform strategies to drive new overnight visits — or entice day trippers to stay over.

An overnight visitor is defined as a person (or device) observed within your destination, more than 80 km from home, on two or more consecutive days.

  • The inverse of this percentage represents the proportion of day trippers.
  • A decrease in the overnight visitor percentage doesn’t always mean fewer overnight visitors — it may signal a boost in day trippers, especially if other KPIs (such as lodging demand) remain stable. As you observe changes in this metric, use other ZDOS® insights to investigate possible causes or contributing factors.

What will I see in ZDOS®?

Insight Title: What percentage of your visitors are staying overnight?

Description: Source: Zartico Geolocation Data (Summarized). Note: An overnight visitor is defined as a device that is more than 80 km from their home location and is observed in your destination on at least two consecutive days. This insight is not tied to the filters above and will always show all available data.  

Tip: This data is summarized at the quarterly level. This will result in  data being attributed to the last month of the quarter, and the last day of the month when drilled in.