What is Cross-Visitation in the Airport Product?

Learn how we measure cross-visitation in the ZDOS


Cross-visitation is when an inbound passenger is also seen at a POI in airport boundary in the same calendar month. 

Learn how we measure cross-visitation in the ZDOS below: 


Devices are observed in your airport (in the airsides, parking lots, and rental car areas), and also observed in your competing airports (also in the airsides, parking lots, and rental car areas).

Devices are then observed at the designated Primary POIs (Places of Impact, or Points of Interest).

Cross-Visitation Count

When a device is seen in an airport and a POI (say, the convention center) within the same calendar month, it’s counted as one cross-visitation.

Counts from every airport-to-POI combination are accumulated over the month to give the totals you see in the insights. For example, 400 devices were seen at both the partner airport and the stadium in January, or 300 devices were seen at both a competing airport and the stadium in March.

If a device is observed several times in an airport over a day, the extra observations will be discarded and only one observation is recorded for the day.

Visits to POIs on Multiple Days

Someone could fly into town on Monday (and be observed at the airport) and then visit the convention center on five subsequent days, while someone else may only visit the convention center one day. We’re removing the extra days, so each of these instances would count as only one cross-visitation.

If a device is observed again during the month in both the airport and the convention center, a second cross-visitation would be counted.


Cross-visitation is only recorded for devices that are dubbed “Inbound” (devices that live more than 150 miles from the observation). So cross-visitation is not recorded for locals.

Market Areas, But Not Cities

We surface origin market Market Areas for the cross-visitation counts. We do not surface cities.


Zartico’s observations are SUMMARIZED monthly. There will be one accumulated count of devices seen for each cross-visitation pairing from each origin market Market Area. So our data will say there were 300 devices from Chicago, IL that were observed in both your airport and the stadium in January, 400 in February, 350 in March, etc.

In the ZDOS, you won’t notice that the data is summarized. Summarized data keeps the ZDOS loading and operating lightning fast. But note that you will not be able to see insights by week, or by day.

Competing Airports

Cross-Visitation is observed for competing airports as well, to the same list of Primary POIs.