What is Common Location?

Common Location is an insight from geolocation data measuring Visitor Origin Points.

The Common Evening Location is where a device rests in the evening.

Using an algorithm, and drawing from several months of historical mobile location data, a device’s likely home location is derived based on where it rests during “non work” hours, defined as evenings (6 pm to 8 am) and weekends.

Zartico provides a Common Evening Location (home). The 50 mile radius applies to both home location and a person is only classified as a visitor if they are more than 50 miles from home to the POI where they are observed. 


Q: What happens if someone moves to my destination? When are they no longer seen as a visitor?

A: About 30 to 60 days. We update a device's common location every month, allowing us to identify when someone has spent the majority of the previous 30 days in a new common location. This is flagged as a "weak visitor" (meaning they could be a device of someone who has relocated permanently) and verified over the next 30 days, at which time if the device still has a new consistent home location it is now updated to be seen as a resident.

Zarticoach_Part-Time Residents

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