What is brought into your ZDOS® with your STR?

STR reports are dynamic and will change. Learn what detailed data can be brought in for weekly and monthly STR reports.

What is an STR Report?

STR stands for Smith Travel Research and is a major data provider for the global hospitality industry. For the tourism industry, STR provides a ton of data solutions for destinations to choose from to better understand how their hotels are performing. As a standard ZDOS data connection, Zartico ingests our Partners Hotel Destination Reports. When we say “STR report” we’re specifically referring to the Hotel Destination monthly or weekly report subscription. 

STR Metrics Zartico Ingests/Brings In

Destinations can subscribe to a plethora of versions of the Hotel Destination Report. In fact, STR describes it as “this customizable report..”. No two reports are the same! Due to this complexity, Zartico focused on 6 key metrics Partners are utilizing the most to understand their visitor economy. Below outlines the “core six” fields within your weekly or monthly Hotel Destination Report you can see in ZDOS:

ADR (Average Daily Rate) - A measure of the average rate paid for rooms sold, calculated by dividing room revenue by rooms sold.

Occupancy - Percentage of available rooms sold during a specified time period. Occupancy is calculated by dividing the number of rooms sold by rooms available.

RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) - Total room revenue divided by the total number of available rooms. 

Supply - Number of rooms in a hotel or set of hotels multiplied by the number of days in a specified time period.

Demand - The number of rooms sold in a specified time period (excludes complimentary rooms). Refer to Data Reporting Guidelines below for more specifics.

Revenue - Total room revenue generated from the guest room rentals or sales.

For weekly reports only Zartico can ingest Transient, Group and Contract data for the core 6 fields IF you subscribe to that.

Learn more about STR’s Data Reporting Guidelines here. 

Note: The KPIs you see in the ZDOS will not always match exactly with your STR reports, because it is filtered to the date range that you set on your module, whereas your STR reports are sent to you with KPIs based on the timeframe in the report.

Report Cadence

STR reports are available on weekly or monthly granularity and will be brought into your ZDOS on either cadence.

Are STR reports standard?

No, STR reports are set up by you and can include a variety of metrics and combination of metrics. Here are some examples of how partners set up their STR Reports: 

  • Some Partners purchase the “core six” in their weekly or month Hotel Destination Report. 
  • Some Partners only purchase 3 - Occupancy, ADR, RevPAR
  • Some Partners purchase the “core six” for multiple regions within their destination
  • Some purchase the core six segmented by Group, Transient or Contract Rooms
  • Some purchase the core six segmented by Property Size
  • Some purchase the core six segmented by Chain Scale
  • Some purchase the core six segmented by competitive destinations
  • Some purchase the core six for their own destination but only purchase Occupancy, ADR and RevPAR for their competitive destinations
  • Some purchase the core six for their “Downtown” region but only purchase Occupancy, ADR and RevPAR for other regions in their destination
  • Some weekly reports are segmented by day of week, some are not
  • Some reports provide running 12- months historical weeks or months
  • Some reports only provide the last month

When ordering your reports, keep in mind the "core six" fields that can be brought in for maximum visibility your ZDOS®. 

Can Zartico Ingest Submarket and Competitive set data?

Yes. Whether you subscribe to submarkets within your destination or competitive sets of other destinations or both, Zartico can ingest all of it.


⚠️ One More Note: Please always forward the original reports with no edits. We cannot process reports that have been edited in any way.