What is the Analyze section and how do I use it?

You can build and manipulate your data charts within Analyze, giving you greater flexibility in what you can see. Find out more here!

The Analyze section is separate from your ZDOS modules and gives you a "back door" into your data.


Analyze is only available for certain packages with Zartico, so if you don't see this section in your ZDOS, it is because it's not part of your current package. Want to find out how to add it? Talk to your member of the Zartico Sales team.


You can access existing charts or create your own by dragging and dropping the data sources to the right.  The best news is that you can play with your data here without being able to break anything in your modules-- it's your own little data playground!

See this quick example of what clicking around can do!

Screen Recording 2023-04-03 at 12.35.27 PM (1)

Curious to find out more? Watch this Zarticoach video on understanding Analyze!