In the Content and Website-related modules, what does empty value mean?

Have you come across a category called "empty value" in your insights? Find out what this means!

What is an empty value?

You will see an empty value in the content performance module because we do not tag all the URLs reported on in Google Analytics.

Instead, we look at the top pages accounting for 80% of your website traffic and assign content topics to those pages. This typically amounts to 100-300 pages. If we were to tag every single page, it could produce more than 10,000 pages, clogging your ability to see your data clearly. In addition, as you add pages to your website, those may not be tagged as we process this on a scheduled cadence.

Pages that do not get tagged are often low-use pages, though because there are some in this category it will display in your insights. 


What to do about empty value?

In your insights chart, you can turn off the display of empty value so that it doesn't get in the way of what you are exploring with your data. If you want to see what pages are under this category, you can click to drill in on where it is displayed as related to Content Topics, and it will show you the list. If you have an urgent need related to this, you can bring it up with your strategic data advisor so they can take a look!