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What do I need to know about out-of-boundary POIs?

Learn what can and can’t be gleaned from OOB POIs in ZDOS.

Out-of-boundary (OOB) POIs give you insights into specific places that are outside your destination boundary. 

What is an OOB? 

Points of Interest that aren't within your destination's boundary are called "Out-Of-Boundary POIs" or OOBs. With your Zartico contract, you get a certain amount of them based on package level, and you will be asked to determine these during your onboarding. Note that these POIs do not provide cross-visitation insights.

How are OOB visitors defined? 

Two possible scenarios would occur for a device to be seen as a visitor in an OOB.

1.) More simple, device spends 2 hours or more in an OOB defined POI.

2.) More complex, a device goes to your boundary and then appears at an OOB POI. If the duration of this sequence is greater than 2 hours, then this would also show up as an observation in your OS.

Based on this, the device at the OOB does NOT need to be observed in the your boundary to be counted as long as they are in the OOB POI for 2+ hours.

Example: An insight shows that 74% of devices observed at an OOB went to Walt Disney World Resort. This does not mean that 74% of devices seen in the partner boundary were ALSO seen at Walt Disney World Resort.

Are OOBs found in the OS?

Yes. While OOB metrics are not included in the data throughout your modules, you can find two insights specifically for your outside influencers at the bottom of your Movement module. 

Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 8.34.39 AM Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 8.34.51 AM

Will they skew our overall visitation numbers?

No. Your OOB metrics are filtered out of the numbers in your operating system so they do not skew data showing visitation to your destination. 

What insights can we get on OOB POIs?

We have two specific insights in the ZDOS located in your Movement module to help answer specific questions about the impact of an OOB to your destination. 

The OOB POI Visitation from Visitation DMA shows where a visitor is coming from. This insight looks at the markets populating the OOB POIs. Are there markets in the OOB POIs that don't regularly visit your destination? This may be an opportunity market to pursue.

The OOB POI Visitation shows the breakdown in top origin markets by OOB POI. You can click this chart to drill and see the cities in each origin market.

Are we able to have an Outside POI that is a city?

No, we are not able to map a city as an OOB POI. 

What are some examples of OOB POIs?

Some examples include popular attractions, convention centers, large event venues, or National & State parks. 

What if a place extends both inside and outside my destination boundary? 

If you have a POI that straddles your destination boundary and is both inside and outside your destination, that will be considered an in-boundary POI. 

I see the OOB and the city in my filters - what does that mean? 

The OOB POI name and the city in which it's located will show up in your filters because we have included the OOB insights in the ZDOS. It will also show up as "Other" in your Region filter. The visitation numbers have been filtered out of all insights as to not skew numbers.