What are the benefits of geolocation data?

Zartico’s Destination Operating System™ leverages the highest frequency and highest resolution geolocation data available allowing destinations to see visitation patterns in real-time.

The patterns created by visitors and residents alike are crucial in developing situational awareness for your destination. Here are a few benefits of geolocation data:

  1. Daily feed of all location data collected within the destination categorized by Points of Interest (defined by you, the DMO) and visitor type. 
  2. Destination management monitoring by tracking visitor distribution, origin markets, trip types, and visitor-to-resident ratio at key places of impact.
  3. Origin markets are defined down to DMA and City.
  4. Measures resident and non-resident devices.

Is Zartico’s data strong enough in smaller rural destinations?

Our location data covers everywhere that people go with their devices, such as mobile phones. If there are people moving around your destinations with a phone, we will get location data from a portion of them.

Details: Regardless of the size of your destination, geolocation data provides valuable insights into the visitor flow for your visitor economy. We're able to provide the clearest view of your visitor economy by ensuring you have enough primary and contextual places of interest. By being able to customize our approach to how we filter the geolocation data we get, which comes from devices, we can build a precise grid that will work for even very rural locations, and you get to designate the places you want to monitor. Also, the way our location data is captured means that it works even when there is no cell coverage in an area. Our location data is captured as GPS coordinates and stored locally on the device, and sent from the device to our data provider when it is next within range. For example, if a visitor went to a popular hiking trail where there is no cell service, their coordinates during their trip would be captured and then sent to our data provider when they next returned to their hotel.

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