Understanding boundary lines

There are several different boundaries used in ZDOS®. Understand the difference and how they interact with each other.

Geographic boundaries refer to the lines that demarcate the physical boundaries of a particular area. These boundaries may be census-designated or they may be custom to your area. Understanding boundaries will help you understand and interpret your filters and charts.

Different boundaries show up in your ZDOS® as filters and are used independently of each other. Below is a list of boundary lines found in ZDOS®. 

Different boundaries you will find in your ZDOS® include: 

State Boundary 

Census-designated geographical boundaries define the state line. 


Census-designated geographical boundaries defining the county line. 


Census-designated geographical boundaries defining the county line. 


Contracted designated boundary around your entire destination. Typically the county that provides tax funding to your organization. These are census-designated counties, states, cities or a combination of these. 


A custom geographic area within your destination that groups POIs together. Learn more about regions here

Market Areas 

Designated Marketing Area. Learn more about market areas