Three Considerations When Using Data In Marketing Planning.

Understanding nuances of your data and how to work around them when campaign planning.

Be careful to understand three important nuances when applying insights to campaign planning. While these are important considerations, we will guide you on how to work around these nuances. 

1. Population Bias

Population bias occurs when larger cities are represented as top origin markets simply due to large population. This may not always represent the best opportunity for your destination. 

When looking at top origin markets, we recommend also considering Households and Per Capita to get a complete picture of the market opportunity to make better decisions. 

2. Accessibility

How do visitors get to your destination and is it easier or harder to get to your destination than in previous years? These are considerations as you grow your visitation and read your top market data. Consider any route disturbances, inconveniences or lifts having potential impact on current or future data from top origin markets. 

3. Volume vs Percent Change

When looking at percent change Year over Year, consider the origin market population to have a completely informed picture of the opportunity and potential impact. A small percent increase from a large origin market year over year could mean a much larger lift in actual visitation while a large percent change from a small market represents much fewer people. For example, An 5% increase from Champaign-Urbana actually represents fewer people than a .8%  increase from Chicago.