November 9, 2023 Release Notes

💵 See in-market ATM transactions in your spend data

In response to partner requests, ATM transactions are now included in visitor spending insights in ZDOS™ Destination and ZDOS™ State.

Capturing ATM transactions creates an even more complete picture of total spending in your destination. Most partners will see a very small (<1%) change in overall visitor spending, while destinations with significant cash-based commerce (such as casinos) may see a larger change.

Other improvements:

Restored Primary Categories: We have rolled back recent changes to primary categories that changed the way POIs are classified. Look for additional updates on these metrics coming soon.

Bug Fix: We have identified a bug in the GA4 data we receive through a third-party vendor. The bug artificially inflated Engaged Session counts for dates beginning on September 12. Those values have been corrected and are now accurate in your insights.