November 30, 2023 Release Notes

Dialing up location accuracy, introducing new labels, and pressing pause for a data science update.

Unparalleled precision of place

The latest updates to your ZDOS™ insights include a substantial improvement in the infrastructure that powers our Place-Based Strategy. This change allows us to assign POIs, spending, and geolocation observations to administrative boundaries (cities and counties) with exponentially greater precision.

All partners will benefit from this increase in accuracy, with rural areas seeing the greatest improvement. This work is also the first step toward remedying duplicate cities that some partners see within the OS.

New name, same dependable data

You may notice changes to the way we label the data sources that power your ZDOS™ insights. We are now referring to our geolocation and spend data as "Zartico Geolocation Data" and "Zartico Spend Data," respectively.

Nothing has changed about the data itself. We still source the same raw data sets, to which we apply proprietary data science methodologies to ensure your insights are built on clean, balanced, reliable information. These new names reflect what makes these data sets uniquely Zartico.

Overnight visit % is taking a break (ZDOS™ Destination & State)

Due to changes in the composition of geolocation data over the past several months, the overnight visit percentage metric that appears in your ZDOS™ is no longer providing a consistently comparable picture of visitor behavior. Our data science team has already identified a solution to adjust for these kinds of changes and is working toward implementing it.

In the meantime, we have temporarily removed the trip type and overnight visitor percentage metrics and related insights from your OS. During this hiatus, you can request a manual report of overnight visitation data for your benchmarking or annual reporting by contacting

Read more about the data science behind this decision.