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Marketing: Website Contribution (Module Overview)

Want to see how your website contributes to your visitor economy?

See how your website contributes to your visitor economy, helping you optimize your future campaigns.

Use these insights to see the time between a visitor’s first time to your website and arrival in your destination with our “View To Visit Window.” We’ll show you results by Visitor Market Area and by which of your regions they visited.  We’ll also show you whether travelers actually visit the areas that they researched online, and which of your web topics, pages, and campaigns resulted in the most visitors. 

Watch this explanation of what this module can show you. 


Questions this module is designed to answer: 

  • Where are out-of-state website visitors traveling to in destination? Are visitors planning further in advance for certain Regions?
  • What are the top converting Market Areas and how far in advance are they researching your destination before visiting?

  • Do travelers visit the same categories of places as they researched on the website?

  • What website content do destination visitors research before their visit? What POIs do they visit in destination after looking at that content?

  • Which pages are most influential in the travel planning process & result in the greatest number of destination visits?

  • Which campaigns are converting the most visitors into destination?

  • How are your campaigns dispersing visitation throughout the state?

  • How far in advance are visitors going to your site before visiting your destination?

  • Are different web resources used at different portions of the travel planning process?

Insights you'll find in the the Website Contribution Module include: 

  • Out-of-State: WebCon Visitation to Regions
  • Out-of-State: WebCon Visitor Market Areas
  • Content Topic to POI Category Visitation
  • Out-of-State: Top Converting Website Content Topics
  • In-State: Top Converting Website Content Topics
  • Out-of-State: Top Converting Pages
  • Top Converting Campaigns
  • Campaign to Region Visitation
  • Avg. View to Visit Window by Season (view to visit measures time from first website visit to destination visit)
  • Visitor Funnel by Medium

Watch this walkthrough of the Website Contribution module. 

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