May 22, 2023 Release Notes

A note from Zartico CEO Sarah Lehman:

It was wonderful to see so many of you at Zarticon and for those of you who are at IPW, I hope you have a wonderful show. 

I wanted to share an update with you related to several key feature releases in our platform. Our goal has been and will always be to be transparent in our methodology and approaches. We apply advanced data science and engineering with the sole goal of building our partners a better strategic decision-making tool. 

In the spirit of continuous learning and improvement, upcoming ZDOS™ releases will focus on three primary areas. 

Watch these brief explanations from Zartico Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Jay Kinghorn, and look for these updates to be released over the next several weeks.

Geolocation Data

Our geolocation updates include the most significant improvements we’ve ever made to the accuracy and reliability of this valuable data stream.

  • We are filtering out hotspots — areas of imprecise geolocation data that skew visitation metrics for some POIs.
  • Based on industry and partner feedback, we are modifying our definition of a visitor to match the UNWTO and U.S. Travel standard of 50 miles from a device’s home location. By simplifying how Zartico defines a visitor, you can better align the insights ZDOS 3 provides with the external research and data you’ve been accustomed to gathering from the travel and tourism industry.
  • We have also fixed a bug related to common evening location (CEL) that will improve the stability of this data over time.

Website Contribution

Updates to your Website Contribution module will improve the quality of the data you use to understand the influence of your destination’s website on visitation, thanks to changes to our IP bridging process.

Visitor Spending

We are updating our visitor spending pipeline to more accurately associate transactions with the cities located within your destination. You will also be able to remove online merchants more quickly and easily.

Thank you for your continued partnership. As always, we welcome your feedback! Submit your product feedback here any time.