Inbound Search By City (Module Overview)

Explore this inbound passengers by origin cities.

Once you have seen the insights within the Inbound Market Area module, our city-level geolocation observations let you compare cities for your finer-grain decisions. 


This module shows the cities you draw from within the Market Area, the overall size of each city market, and the market share of those cities between you and your competitors. 


Each insight in your module will have a graphic representation of the top results along with a list view for full results. 

This module includes: 

Distribution - Where your inbound passengers live by city

Market Share -

  • Top overall cities into all airports or chosen cities into all airports.
  • Your market share from top cities or chosen cities.
  • Competing airport market share from top cities or chosen cities.
  • Year-over-year change of top cities or chosen city's market share. 

Watch a walkthrough of this module.